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Nostalgia through photo-sharing Posted: 15/04/14

London 1949.jpg

Nostalgia through photo-sharing

As we live in an age of on-line photo sharing, it is easy to forget that memories and a common feeling of nostalgia remained at the heart of photography before the digital age. 


The theme of nostalgia is a common feeling and photographs tend to bring back fond memories of times long forgotten.  While people are now sharing photos instantly through the internet, it is easy to forget that there are pictures taken at a time when digital technology was nothing but a far-fetched dream.


Various social media channels and websites, such as @HistoryInPix have been introduced to share historical photographs with modern audiences, bringing in a wealth of nostalgia that may have remained undiscovered.  Images such as Piccadilly Circus in 1949 and a 1890s portrait of Cornelia Sorabji, the first woman to study law at Oxford University, are amongst the gems shared by history enthusiasts.


As well as the capturing key moments in time, the photographs also highlight different tones and techniques, showing how image taking has evolved throughout the ages.


Via The Guardian


Drawings ‘come to life’ in photo series Posted: 10/04/14


Drawings ‘come to life’ in photo series

It is rare to see a figment of your imagination come to life but Canada-based photographer Shawn Van Daele has turned his creative talents towards a heart-warming cause – bringing the dreams of ill children to life.


The Drawing Hope Project’ is a non-profit organisation created by Van Daele, which aims to show children with serious health issues that ‘anything is possible’.  Using drawings from children as inspiration, he uses his photography and Photoshop skills to create ‘real’ photographs starring the artists themselves with magical results. 


From fairies to superheroes, the children shine in the images and Van Daele’s charitable efforts brings a smile to his ‘subjects’ and their families, not to mention raise awareness to his venture.


Via Viralnova


Famous music covers hit the streets Posted: 08/04/14


Famous music covers hit the streets

Music album covers are the latest artworks to get the Google Street View treatment, as iconic covers featuring streets and buildings are meshed with their actual locations through online maps.


The selection of covers, which include ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory’ by Oasis and the ‘Abbey Road’ cover by the Beatles featuring a now famous pelican crossing, span over 50 years yet they blend perfectly into their surroundings.  Even though some of the locations made famous on the covers have changed completely, it is fascinating to see the inspiration behind some of the world’s well-known albums.


This musically-themed mash-up is the most recent creative project by ‘Street View’ specialist Halley Docherty, whose previous works include 18th Century London paintings and artworks of world cities.


Via The Guardian


Around the World in 80 Diets Posted: 03/04/14

peter menzel.jpg

Around the World in 80 Diets

Photographer Peter Menzel has captured dietary differences around the world in his latest documentary “What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets”.

Lifestyle and cultural differences are reflected through the meals people consume on a daily basis and they range from 'liquid lunches' and the nutritious to the carb and snack-heavy.


Looking at the different diets, it does make you think twice about having that extra chocolate bar after lunch!


Via Lost at E Minor


Don’t Photoshop, go Natural Posted: 01/04/14

selfie vs photoshop.jpg

Don’t Photoshop, go Natural

The recent no make-up selfie trend took the world by storm, raising over £8m for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It celebrated the all-natural look, with millions of women braving the camera without their makeup but do women still want a perfect portrait given the choice?


Two volunteers were asked to take a natural selfie with their mobile phone, before having their portrait taken by a professional photographer and then having it enhanced by Photoshop.  After looking at the results, even though both women commented on how good they look in their professional portraits, they didn't feel the images reflected them as ‘real women’.


The fight for real beauty has come in many forms, from magazine boycotts and social experiments, but this small yet simple test only proves that women are no longer hiding their personality behind Photoshop.


Via DIY Photography


Selfie addiction now a recognised mental illness Posted: 27/03/14

danny bowman.jpg

Selfie addiction now a recognised mental illness

The selfie phenomenon started as a bit of fun and it was nothing more than a harmless craze to begin with but that’s now changing. Selfie addiction is now being considered a serious mental health issue.


British teenager Danny Bowman started taking selfies when he was 15 but his problems really started when a modelling agency criticised his appearance. He became obsessed with his looks and started spending up to ten hours a day taking 200 snaps. His anxiety grew, he dropped out of school, he began starving himself and finally he attempted to take his own life. All because he couldn’t take the ‘perfect’ selfie.


Danny has since recovered after being treated in hospital for his selfie addiction and has not taken a selfie for seven months, but the extent of his condition shows how social networking and technology can drastically affect young people.


Via Time


Combatting ageing through photography Posted: 25/03/14

Monica Fernandez.jpg

Combatting ageing through photography

A fear of ageing results in millions being spent every year by people trying to iron out wrinkles, blemishes and age spots in the hope of staying young.  Now a senior lecturer from Sheffield University has created a project to challenge the social perceptions of ageing, particularly amongst older women.


Dr Lorna Warren has put together an art and photography series, entitled ‘Look at Me!’, created by older women where the subjects - older citizens within the Sheffield community - are seen in a variety of different poses, mocking society’s perception of looking young.  


The photographs are only one part of Warren’s project in confronting this ‘fear of ageing’ instilled in media, but several of the women captured the project have visited schools to raise awareness among younger people, proving that being old doesn’t mean you’re ‘past it’.


Via The Telegraph


Student breaks statue for a ‘selfie’ Posted: 20/03/14


Student breaks statue for a ‘selfie’

There is one clear rule when it comes to museum exhibitions – no touching of the paintings or sculptures.  But a student in Italy disregarded this rule when he decided he wanted a memorable ‘selfie’ from the lap of an ancient statue. 


The student, who has not been named, climbed onto the 19th Century Greco-Roman sculpture depicting ‘The Drunken Satyr’ at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, breaking the statue’s left leg.  Fortunately, the statue was only a copy housed by the Academy – the original is stored at the Glyptothek in Munich, Germany.


It has been said that people suffer for their art – but in this case, it looks like the art was the innocent victim. The pursuit of ridiculous 'selfies' continues.


Source: Time


Meet Instagram’s newest superstar: 80-year old Grandma Betty Posted: 18/03/14


Meet Instagram’s newest superstar: 80-year old Grandma Betty

Betty Simpson is a regular 80-year-old woman - a great-grandmother, adored by family, who lives in Southern Indiana.  However, she is also a cancer fighter and, perhaps surprisingly, very popular on Instagram.


Betty’s great-grandson Zach created the account (under @grandmabetty33) in January as a way to celebrate her life and document her battle with cancer.  Since then, she has gained over a staggering 161,000 followers from fans and well-wishers all over the world and Zach shares videos and portraits of her with friends and family – showing that regardless of her diagnosis, she is living life to the fullest.


Even with celebrities such as Pharrell Williams following her, Betty's new found social media fame hasn't gone to her head and she plans to continue spending time with her family and ‘living minute by minute’.


Via Mashable


Vintage-style series captures children’s vices Posted: 13/03/14


Vintage-style series captures children’s vices

Writing continuous lines on blackboards may sound old-school, but Los Angeles photographer Jamie Johnson’s latest series, ‘Vices’, has brought the traditional school punishment back into modern times.


Through a series of thought-provoking images, children with their backs to camera  are captured writing their vices on a blackboard.  The images are captured using antique wooden cameras and an analogue technique called the wet plate collodion process, resulting in vintage-style pictures and the vices range from the innocent “I will not chase girls” to more adult-themed sins, such as “I will not date actresses”.


In the age of selfies and digital technology, ‘Vices’ brings a contemporary yet humorous twist on nostalgic memories of school days long-forgotten.


Via My Modern Met


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