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Sharing the music Posted: 11/09/12


Sharing the music

British indie band The xx found a very unique way of spreading the word about their second album Coexist, which is released today: instead of rolling out a huge marketing campaign, the band sent their songs to just one fan last week. As expected, the album stream went viral. A map of the digital chain letter, which quickly spread around the world, can be viewed on this visually stunning site. You can listen to the band’s new tracks while gazing at the bright thin lines as they connect fans around the world, in real time. The band’s project gives another fascinating insight about how quickly information is shared on social media platforms (and how many music fans around the world procrastinate at work).

Not only hyped bands and their fans are into social media: image buyers always look for photos and illustrations of sharing and connecting. Watch this video for tips on how to produce selling images on connectivity.

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