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Customer FAQs

General Licence overview Royalty Free (RF) licences Rights Managed (RM) licences Editorial (Street) Rights Managed (RM) licences Tools Buying an image Troubleshooting

1. Why RooM the Agency?

RooM the Agency is the leading source for unique and exclusive photography produced by the mobile community. Our Content Providers are constantly uploading new material ensuring that our clients always get the image they want.

2. Do I need to register to use the site?

No. There is no need to register if you just want to do a quick search but there are a number of useful features that you won’t have access to unless you do register – such as being able use lightboxes. You will also need to register if you want to make a purchase.

3. What are stock photos?

Stock photos are essentially ready made images which you can licence from stock photography agencies. So, instead of producing a specific image for a particular job, you can search through an existing library or collection of images to find what you’re after.

4. How do I register?

Registration is simple, fast and free. Click on sign up and all you need to do is complete the form on the registration page. There is no fee for registering with us.

5. Do I have to provide my credit card details when I register?

No. You will not be asked for your credit card details until you wish to make a purchase.

6. Do you keep my credit card details?

We use a secure internet payment system and we will not keep your credit card details.

7. Can I share my username and login details?

No. These details are confidential and only one user is allowed to use your account.

8. When is new content added to the site?

Our Content Suppliers are constantly shooting and uploading new material to the site on a daily basis. Our mobile community is particularly active and responsive – we upload a brief to them and within hours we have suitable images supplied.

9. Do you protect my privacy?

We take our client's privacy very seriously and we do not pass on any information to third parties. See our Privacy Policy.

10. What formats are the images available in?

All our images are available in RGB.

11. What’s the difference between RGB and CMYK formats?

RGB is the colour format used for electronic displays such as computers whereas CMYK is the format used for printers. All images hosted on RooM are in RGB format and can be changed to CMYK easily on any photo editing software.

12. Do I have to give credit for the image(s) I use?

Giving credit to the photographer is not mandatory though it is encouraged. Our photographers appreciate any credit given to their work. All credit should be displayed as: “©’photographer’s name’/ RooM the Agency”

13. Can I resell an image that I’ve purchased?

No, you can never resell or redistribute an image as you have only purchased a licence to use it. You do not own the copyright.

14. What is your refund policy?

We are unable to offer any refunds once an image has been bought. If - and this rarely happens - there is an issue with the content we will resupply it.

Licence overview

1. What is a licence and why do I need one?

When you make a purchase, you are buying the right to use an image so you need a licence to confirm that the image has been paid for.

2. Are there different kinds of licences?

YYes. Different licences apply to different images as we sell content under different pricing models. The 2 types of licences for stock content are Royalty Free (RF) and Rights Managed (RM).

3.What is the difference between Royalty Free (RF) and Rights Managed (RM) licences?

Royalty Free licences are sold at set prices and you are allowed to use these images on a worldwide unlimited basis. Rights managed licences on the other hand are individually negotiated based on the specific use required, they can offer different types of protection in terms of exclusivity and the licences are only valid for a set period of time.

4. What licence do I need for editorial (street) images?

They are sold with a Rights Managed (RM) licence. There are additional restrictions applicable to editorial (street) images as they are images that have not been released for commercial use and they don’t have model or property releases.

5. Where can I find more detailed information about licences?

Our Licence Comparison page and our Licence Agreement both offer more in depth information about the different licences available in addition to the following FAQs.

Royalty Free (RF) Licences

1. What is a Royalty Free (RF) licence?

A Royalty Free licence allows you to reproduce an image over and over again for multiple uses as long as the usage falls within the terms of the licence agreement.

2. Does the Royalty Free licence I’ve purchased expire?

No. All Royalty Free licences are valid in perpetuity for worldwide use unless the terms of our licence agreement are broken, such as for using an image in a negligent way, for example.

3. Can I extend or upgrade my Royalty Free licence?

All Royalty Free images include a basic Royalty Free licence but you can upgrade to one of the following licences: Multi-Seat, Unlimited Reproduction and Product for Resale. All you have to do is go to the Downloads page on your Dashboard and select upgrade licence.

4. How do I know if I need an extended licence?

Generally, if you need to use the image as part of an item for resale (posters, cards, website templates, etc), you want unlimited usage or you want to download the image onto more than one computer, then you will need to buy an extended licence.

5. I purchased the licence to an image to use in one project and now I'd like to use the same image for a different project in a new media. Is this allowed?

Yes. The licence is still valid provided the terms of its use are not breached in the previous project or the new one. Please read the terms and conditions of the licence if you are unsure.

6. What’s the maximum number of copies allowed?

A Royalty Free Licence allows an image to be copied up to, and including, 500,000 times. This does not apply for electronic use.

7. Can anyone, beside me, use the image I’ve purchased the rights to?

A Royalty Free Licence applies to one person only. The image may be used by the licence holder’s employee or for company projects but the licence cannot be transferred.

Rights Managed (RM) Licences

1. What is a Rights Managed (RM) licence?

A Rights Managed licence is specifically negotiated according to your particular usage requirements. The price is determined by the way in which you plan to use the image, for example full page, inside a corporate brochure with worldwide distribution.

2. Does the Rights Managed licence I’ve purchased expire?

Yes. A Rights Managed licence is only valid for the period of use specified when buying the original licence.

3. Can I extend or upgrade my licence?

Yes. You can contact us and extend or upgrade your licence provided the image hasn’t been exclusively purchased by another client in the meantime. You cannot do this online - you will need to contact us at

4. I purchased the licence to an image to use in one project and now I'd like to use the same image for a different project in a new media. Is this allowed?

No. Your Rights Managed licence applies to a particular usage and job so any additional rights need to be negotiated separately.

Editorial (Street) Rights Managed (RM) licences

1.What is different about an Editorial (Street) licence?

Additional restrictions apply to Rights Managed editorial (street) images and these additional terms are outlined in the Licence Agreement, section 6.

2. Does the Editorial (Street) licence I’ve purchased expire?

Yes - it’s a Rights Managed licence so it will expire.

3. Can I extend or upgrade my licence?

Yes. You can contact us and extend or upgrade your licence provided the image hasn’t been exclusively purchased by another client in the meantime.

4. Is the Editorial (Street) content model and property released?

No. Editorial (Street) images do not have model or property releases which is why they are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes. They are only allowed to be used in an editorial context.


1. What is a comp image?

A comp is a low resolution file with a watermark which can be used free of charge for internal mock up/presentation purposes only. Comp images may not be used for anything else. Any actual usage requires a licence.

2. Can I get a larger unwatermarked comp image?

We do not normally provide high resolution unwatermarked comp images unless there are special circumstances in which case you should Contact us.

3.What is a lightbox?

A lightbox is an online storage area which allows you to organize and store images in one place so they are easily accessible. It’s a simple way of managing images that you find and may want to either use or share with a colleague. You can create multiple lightboxes for different jobs but you do need to be logged in to use this feature.

4.What features are available for lightboxes?

The lightboxes are very flexible and you can rearrange the order of the files, add and remove content as well as renaming, sharing and downloading them.

Buying an image

1. Do I need to register before purchasing?

Yes, and when you register with RooM the Agency you'll be able to use all the features of the site which are only available to registered members.

2. What image size do I need?

It depends what you're going to be using the image and what kind of licence the image is sold under. Rights Managed images are always supplied in the largest file size available but for Royalty Free images which have multiple sizes at different price points, it's always best to get a larger file size than a smaller one if you're unsure. As a rough guide small files are best for mobile use, medium files for web use and larger files for any printed matter.

3. Why are images not all available in the same size?

Our images are produced on different types of cameras and mobile devices so not all images are available in the same sizes. Whilst it is technically possible to upsize images, we do not do so as it affects image quality.

4. Do you have high resolution files?

All images have their own specific file sizes so some images may not be available in the resolution you wish. Please note that file size is in Megabytes (MB) and image resolution is in Megapixels (MP).

5. If I bought an image but need a larger file, can I upgrade?

We supply the largest file size available for Rights Managed images so you cannot get a larger file for these. However, if you have purchased a Royalty Free image and you'd like to upgrade to a larger file size, just go to downloads section in your purchase history and select the size you'd like to upgrade to.

6. How much does it cost to upgrade the size of a Royalty Free image?

All you pay is the difference between the image you actually purchased and the image that you now want to upgrade to.

7. What do images cost?

The cost of an image varies depending on which collection its from and either the licence type or what file size you want to buy.

8. How many times may I download an image that I’ve purchased?

You may download your purchased image(s) an indefinite amount of times provided that the relevant licence is valid and you are still registered with RooM the Agency.

9. I need a copy of the model or property release? Is this possible? Is there a fee?

Model and property releases are available for most of our images although not for the editorial (street) content. There is no charge for this service unless you require multiple releases in which case a small fee may apply.


1. I haven’t received my activation email.

Activation emails are automatically sent out within a matter of seconds once you’ve registered so if the email doesn’t appear in your inbox, it’s most likely caught in your spam filter.

2. I can’t login to my account.

There may be a number of reasons why you can’t login so first of all, make sure that your browser accepts cookies and your firewall isn’t blocking information. Finally, clear your cache or try another browser.

3. There was a problem downloading my image.

You can re-download an image at no extra cost from your Dashboard in the Downloads section. If there is still a problem, Contact Us with the file number and we can email the image.

4. I’ve downloaded the wrong image by mistake.

If you download the wrong image by mistake and report the error within 24 hours, we will replace the image at no extra cost. You will, however, be required to confirm that you have not used the image and you have deleted all digital copies of the image downloaded in error.

5. The image I’ve downloaded is corrupt and unusable.

Please Contact Us Please Contact Us with the file number and nature of the problem so we can check the image and email it to you.