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IPhoneography and Pocketstock

The name Pocketstock came about because we believe that amazing images can be shot with any camera, especially the iPhone that's in your pocket.

We know you are passionate about iPhoneography and we would like to embrace that passion and help you get your best images out into the commercial arena, where they can be viewed by and sold to creative people all over the world.

Pocketstock sells images on a Royalty Free basis.

To get your images into the Pocketstock collection, you first need to sign up become a Pocketstock
contributor here and to submit your phone images, you will need to agree to our
exclusive content supply agreement.

As a phone contributor you will receive a 35% royalty of the net value of your sales. So, for example, if we receive $100, you will receive $35.

Once you have joined up, you can upload your phone images via your account "dashboard" page on our website.

What kind of iPhone shots are we looking for?

We are looking for creative images with lots of commercial potential.
Adding that all-important commercial element to your iPhone images is not as hard as you may think.
In fact, many of your images probably have it already.
To get you on the right track, here is our list of the most sales friendly subjects to keep in mind when you are shooting with your iPhone

We want to see happy, relaxed looking people in your images, so it makes sense to get your friends and family in front of the lens.

Celebrations, sporting events, family get-togethers, holidays and also in-situ portraits of individuals or groups, are all perfect shot opportunities.

Try to capture the natural interaction between people and the genuine facial expressions that convey concepts such as fun, friendship, family, security, love and learning.

As it happens
The iPhone is the perfect tool for capturing those spontaneous "in the moment" shots that no other camera can catch.

Concepts such as fun, friendship, family (togetherness), skill, shared experience and wellbeing are always popular so keep those in mind and you will be able to recognize the right situations when they come along and grab those key shots as they happen.

Also, as your iPhone goes wherever you go, use it to document those more out of the ordinary places and situations you might not think to take a regular camera.

Think about where you live, what you do
Every aspect of your day-to-day life, your home, your neighborhood, your job, your journey to work and even your lunch, are all potentially great subjects to shoot.

Break your routine. Stop to look around and you will see that all through your day, you encounter
situations that can be used to illustrate concepts such as consumerism, the environment, technology, transportation and food.

Don't forget the details
Even without the add-on lenses, the iPhone camera is versatile enough to focus on objects just a few millimeters away. This opens up a world of opportunities when it comes to shooting up-close, that you wouldn’t normally get with a regular camera.

Use your iPhone to isolate unusual and beautiful details or to emphasize a particular aspect of a scene that might otherwise go unnoticed.

You can also use your iPhone to explore how new angles and viewpoints can make an every day object seem larger than life and turn an ordinary scene into an extra-ordinary one.

The Edit

To be accepted, your phone images need to be a minimum of 3mp (three million pixels) in size when uploaded via our website.

Once uploaded, your phone images will go into the queue to be reviewed by an editor.

During the edit, we check your images in three ways and if an image fails just one of these checks, then it won't be selected.

Creative check
This is where we check the subject or concept to see if the image has sales potential and to see if the composition works for that subject. Visit our Pocketstock Academy for inspirational videos and practical guides to shooting great images.

Legal check
Our images are sold for commercial use. This means that we cannot select any images that feature logos, branding, recognizable products and commercial/corporate buildings or property.

The correct releases also need to be attached for any recognizable people or interiors featured in the image (find out more about releases here).

Technical check
To be sold commercially, your phone images will need to meet specific technical standards.

Generally speaking, to pass the technical check you need to make sure your images are:

  • In focus (with the focus in the right spot)
  • Not too dark
  • Not too light (we call this being blown out)
  • Not too grainy (this may happen if it's too dark)

Keywords (Tags)

Keywords or Tags are descriptive words that are attached to the images. Customers looking for images on the site, use these keywords to narrow down their search.

To make sure your images appear in the relevant searches and get picked, it is very important to add the best and most relevant captions and keywords to your images.

When uploading to our website there are a number of ways to easily and quickly add captions and keywords to your phone images. Click here for more information on Keywords. 

Top Tips to make sure your iPhone images get selected

1. The subject is key.
Think about what you are shooting and why you are shooting it. The best shots embody broad concepts such as family, fun, communication, togetherness, learning, wellbeing, energy, power, security and so on.

2. Bright is best.
The iPhone has an amazing camera but like every other camera, it does have limitations. Images taken in gloomy or dark conditions may look great on the screen but close-up, they may be too grainy to pass the technical check. As a rule, your iPhone camera will perform best in bright conditions.

3. Try to keep the filters to a minimum.
We want shots that reflect your style, not an app developer's. Also, it's worth remembering that some vintage filter Apps change the quality of the image to such an extent that they won't make it past our technical check.

4. Don't lose it.
Make sure you save an original version before you start applying filters. Not all Apps will let you undo the changes you make to your shots. So, it's a good idea to always experiment with a copy of your image, just in case your tweaking doesn't turn out the way you expect.

5. Not all Apps are the same.
We want you to make sure your submitted images are as good as they can be before you upload. So, we are big fans of Apps such as Camera+™, Camera Awesome™ and Camera Superb™ because as well as giving you more control over you iPhone camera when you are shooting, they also enable you to edit and adjust your shots, without affecting the image quality.

6. Size Matters.
The bigger your image file, the more ways it can be used. So, it makes sense to ensure your phone always captures images at the maximum resolution. Beware though, some Apps may automatically default to a lower resolution, so always remember to double check and change your settings accordingly.

7. Commercial not Editorial.
Remember, to sell commercially, images cannot feature any logos or branding, even if they are very small in the frame. Also, all recognizable people and most privately owned locations will need to be released before we can add it to our collection.

Phone FAQ's
How old do I need to be to submit my phone images?

You need to be 18 years or older to sign up as a contributor.

What are model and property releases?

A release is a document signed by the person or the owner of a property, featured in an image. It gives the photographer the full image rights, enabling them to offer the image for commercial sale. To find out more watch this video.

What is the difference between commercial and editorial images?

Commercial: A company will use a commercial image to sell a product or a service. As the entire contents of the commercial image will be associated with that product or service, it's important that the image be free of branding and has all relevant permissions in place from any people or private locations it features.

Editorial: The news media uses editorial images to illustrate issues of the day with no link to any
particular company, product or service. Because of this, editorial images can feature un-released people and locations as well as, logos and brands.
Currently we do not sell images for editorial use.

What do you mean by exclusive agreement?

The exclusive agreement means that Pocketstock is the only company that can license the phone images that you upload to our site.

How many images can I upload?

There is no limit to the number of images you can upload.

How long will it take to edit my images?

We aim to review all image submissions within 8 working days.

How will I know when my images go live?

You will be notified by email when your images go through the review stage.

Can I remove my images?

Yes, you just need to give us 90 days notice. Send your notification to

How do I get paid?

To enable us to set up your royalty payments, when you sign up, you will need to upload some

You will be paid in U.S. Dollars. Once your account reaches $30/£25/€30 you can be paid upon request through your Contributor Dashboard.

We pay via PayPal and Moneybookers
Payments are processed once a week, although in some instances, transactions can take a few days. We cover the cost of transaction.

We can also pay by Cheque
This is mailed every week. Please allow one week within the USA and up to six weeks for all locations outside of USA.