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Don't forget to check our Customer FAQ's

What we do and how we do it

What is stock photography
Quite simply, instead of producing images themselves, clients come to us to search through our online
image collection.

Most of the images you see in magazines, brochures and online are stock photos. You too could see your
images in print and make money along the way. It's not difficult to make many thousands through selling stock
images, itÂ’s just a matter of producing the right images and that need not be an expensive process either.

Size doesn't matter
We accept images from all kinds of cameras.
Technically, we want good quality images but just as importantly, we want them to be creative and beautiful.

To become a contributor all you need is a 5 megapixel camera or higher.

Iphone example

Shot with an iPhone

DSLR example

Shot with a DSLR

Just 1 image needed to become a contributor
You only need 1 image accepted to become a Pocketstock contributor. Your account goes live as soon as we
accept an image and we start offering your images for sale once the tags (metadata) have been added to your
images and any model or property release information is supplied as requested.

No limits
There is no daily limit for image uploads. Please bear in mind we have to make sure the images we offer are
technically up to scratch and suitable for sale as stock, so we do edit images, scrutinizing for both technical
acceptability and creative flair.

Royalty Schedule

Star Rating Non-Exclusive Exclusive
Orange Star (1 - 149) 30% 35%
Bright Star (150 - 1,499) 32% 36%
Bronze Star (1,500 - 4,999) 34% 37%
Silver Star (5,000 - 14,999) 36% 40%
Gold Star (15,000 - 49,999) 38% 43%
Diamond Star (50,000+ downloads) 40% 46%

*All images shot on a phone are only accepted on an exclusive basis.

It's your Copyright
You always retain the copyright of your photos, we simply sell usage rights on your behalf through a royalty free
(RF) license; this just means that clients pay a fixed fee to use any photos they purchase, which they can then
use as many times as they want.

It's the idea that counts
If you're not quite sure what to photograph, go for one of the key subject areas for both our commercial and
editorial customers: Business, Lifestyle, Nature & Wildlife, Concepts & Ideas, Sports & Travel.

We show you how
Take a look at our Pocketstock Academy for tips and advice on what sells and what our clients are looking for.
We are here to help guide you through the process of shooting images that sell, so make sure you use this
information to your benefit. It really will help you make more money.

Upload Information
You can upload jpg image files via our online and FTP options. You can upload EPS vector files via the FTP option only. For EPS files, although it is not essential, you may also upload a matching jpg containing metadata. If you do send matching jpg files with your EPS, please make sure the file name is the same for both formats.

Our upload system can extract the IPTC keyword and caption data from your images and allows you to add a single or multiple releases to up to 100 images at a time. Metadata can also be added to each image individually or as a batch by using our Metadata Spreadsheet Template.

The Metadata Spreadsheet is a good way to add lots of information to a large amount of images in one go. Using the spreadsheet, you can add captions, keywords, file type and also release information to your images.
To use it, you just need to click on the download CSV button on the manage my images page and the CSV template will appear on your desktop. Once you have filled out the the relevant information in the correct columns on the template you just need to click the upload CSV file on the manage my images page. Once uploaded, the system will be able to extract all of the keywords, captions and model or property release file names from the CSV file and apply them to your images so that they can go live.

FTP Information
Our FTP upload facility allows for the upload of large amounts of JPG or EPS files. You can request an FTP login code via your Contributor Dashboard.

You can upload JPG or EPS files directly or in folders to the FTP. Please bear in mind that our system will automatically start processing the FTP data after one hour of inactivity.

If you would like to upload 1000s of images in one go please contact

Shoot for higher Star ratings
Orange Star: 1 - 149 downloads
Bright Star: 150 - 1,499 downloads
Bronze Star: 1,500 - 4,999 downloads
Silver Star: 5,000 - 14,999 downloads
Gold Star: 15,000 - 49,999 downloads
Diamond Star: 50,000+ downloads

It really couldn't be easier. Start uploading now by Registering for a free Contributors Account or by Signing In.