Unparalleled Global Distribution

Our current list of Distributors stands at Getty Images, Adobe Stock, Fotolia Infinite, Alamy, ImageSelect, AFLO, 123RF, deposit photos and Pond5 but stay tuned for further updates on our growing channel.

Global exposure + seriously good sales = RooM contributors

We have a special arrangement with our global partners to offer the very best exposure and sales to our contributors throughout the World – in multiple territories and at the highest prices.

As a leading creator and distributor of the finest still imagery our goal is to inspire communicators - and give them the tools to create inspiring work of their own.

RooM content providers now have distribution agreements in place which give our contributors access to $1.5 billion in sales and over 1.5 million clients - we are also currently developing this to include other major stock agencies.

From multi-million-dollar advertisers to leading newspapers, feature film and television producers to bloggers of all kinds - for premium digital content, the world's most influential media look to our distribution network, which is always on the move.

Bringing creative ideas to life – RooM goes global

Our major global deals are the first ever done to represent phone and camera stock content
– it’s a groundbreaking deal set to benefit both RooM contributors.

It’s the image that matters, not the equipment used.

It’s an opportunity for RooM contributors to get access to the broadest and best representation and to ensure that top prices are paid by clients from over 100 countries

What we want, really, really want?

Commercial images as opposed to street or editorial content is where the best returns are, so we have commercial deals with our global partners, to give the very best exposure to both RooM and our contributors.

Clients will not purchase images that are smaller than 3 megapixels, so we do not accept any images that are below this size.

Most consistent sales come from

model release people images,
exceptional concept images
and those depicting the lifestyles we lead,
such as the food we eat and the technology we use.

See What We Want and Phone Images for more information on what to shoot and what sells.

RooM with a view of the future