RooM the Agency provides high quality stock content at competitive rates. Our Content Providers are constantly uploading new material ensuring that our clients always get the image that they want.

No. There is no need to register if you just want to do a quick search but there are a number of useful features that you won’t have access to unless you do register. You will also need to register if you want to make a purchase.

Stock photos are essentially ready made images which you can licence from stock photography agencies. So, instead of producing a specific image for a particular job, you can search through an existing library or collection of images to find what you’re after.

Registration is simple, fast and free. Click on sign up and all you need to do is complete the form on the registration page. There is no fee for registering with us.

No. You will not be asked for your credit card details until you wish to make a purchase.

We use a secure internet payment system and we will not keep your credit card details.

No. These details are confidential and only one user is allowed to use your account.

Our Content Suppliers are constantly shooting and uploading new material to the site on a daily basis.

We take our client's privacy very seriously and we do not pass on any information to third parties.

All our images are available in RGB.

RGB is the colour format used for electronic displays such as computers whereas CMYK is the format used for printers. All images hosted on RooM the Agency are in RGB format and can be changed to CMYK easily on any photo editing software.

Giving credit to the photographer is not mandatory though it is encouraged. Our photographers appreciate any credit given to their work. All credit should be displayed as: “©’photographer’s name’/ RooM the Agency”

No, you can never resell or redistribute an image as you have only purchased a licence to use it. You do not own the copyright.

We are unable to offer any refunds.