When you make a purchase, you are buying the right to use an image so you need a licence to confirm that the image has been paid for.

Yes. Different licences apply to different images as we sell content under different pricing models. The 2 types of licences for stock photos are Royalty Free (RF) and Rights Managed (RM).

Royalty Free licences are sold at set prices and you are allowed to use these images on a worldwide unlimited basis within the terms of our agreement.

Rights managed licences on the other hand are individually negotiated based on the specific use required, they can offer different types of protection in terms of exclusivity and the licences are only valid for a set period of time.

They can be sold with a Rights Managed or Royalty Free licence. There are additional restrictions applicable to editorial images as they are images that have not been released for commercial use and they don’t have model or property releases.

Our Licence Comparison page and our Licence Agreement both offer more in depth information about the different licences available in addition to the following FAQs.

Royalty Free (RF) Licences

A Royalty Free licence allows you to reproduce an image over and over again for multiple uses as long as the usage falls within the terms of the licence agreement.

No. All Royalty Free licences are valid in perpetuity for worldwide use unless the terms of our licence agreement are broken, such as for using an image in a negligent way, for example.

All Royalty Free images include a basic Royalty Free licence but you can purchase any or all of the following additional licences: Multi-Seat, Unlimited Reproduction and Product for Resale.

Generally, if you need to use the image as part of an item for resale (posters, cards, website templates, etc), you want unlimited usage or you want to download the image onto more than one computer, then you will need to buy an extended licence.

Yes. The licence is still valid provided the terms of its use are not breached in the previous project or the new one. Please read the terms and conditions of the licence if you are unsure.

A Royalty Free Licence allows an image to be copied up to, and including, 500,000 times. This does not apply for electronic use.

A Royalty Free Licence applies to one person only. The image may be used by the licence holder’s employee or for company projects but the licence cannot be transferred.

Rights Managed (RM) Licences

A Rights Managed licence is specifically negotiated according to your particular usage requirements. The price is determined by the way in which you plan to use the image, for example full page, inside a corporate brochure with worldwide distribution for a year.

Yes. A Rights Managed licence is only valid for the period of use specified when buying the original licence.

Yes. You can contact us and extend or upgrade your licence provided the image hasn't been exclusively purchased by another client. You cannot do this online – you will need to contact us

No. Your Rights Managed licence applies to a particular usage and job so any additional rights need to be negotiated separately.

Editorial Rights Managed (RM) & Royalty Free (RF) Licences

Additional restrictions apply to Rights Managed and Royalty Free editorial images and these additional terms are outlined in the Licence Agreement, section 6.

If it's a Royalty Free editorial image, the licence doesn't expire but if it's a Rights Managed editorial image, then it does.

Yes. You can contact us and extend or upgrade your licence provided the image hasn't been exclusively purchased by another client. You cannot do this online – you will need to contact us

No. Editorial images do not have model or property releases which is why they are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes. They are only allowed to be used in an editorial context.