RooM Elite+ Account for everyone
Last Updated: 30th October 2014

50% royalties and Mass Upload rights to all RooM Members

There’s RooM at the top for everyone

From November 1st 2014 all Member accounts will qualify for Elite+ membership and be entitled to a 50% royalty. Each Member will also be able upload content without using Briefs – except through the iPhone App where this will remain the only way.

To retain your 50% Royalty from January 1st 2015, you will have to have 25 images live on RooM by the end of 2014 – if you have already got 25 live images you will continue to qualify for Elite+ membership through the first 6 months of next year.

From January 1st to June 30th 2015 each member will be required to have at least 25 new live images for each 6 month period to retain their Elite+ status into the second half of the year (or 50 for the year) – you will be able see your activity on your profile page, for easy tracking.

The same process will repeat itself for every subsequent 6 month period of each year. To retain your Elite+ status 25 new images will need to be live in your account for each 6 month period of each year – or 50 for the whole year.

What happens to my account if I do not have 25 live images in a 6 month period in any one year?

Your account will be downgraded to Elite for the next 6 month period, until you have 25 live images on RooM for that 6 month period, at which point your account will get an automatic upgrade to Elite+ for the rest of the period.

Example 1:

You have 45 live images now – you will retain Elite+ status until June 30th 2015.

You add only 20 new images that go live from Jan 1st 2015 to Jun 30th 2015. You will lose your Elite+ status from Jul 1st 2015.

You then add 5 new images, which go live 28th Jul 2015. You will get your Elite+ status back immediately and retain it to end of 2015.

Example 2:

You have 15 live images now – you will need at least another 10 images to be live before the end of this year to retain Elite+ status through to June 30th 2015.

If you do not add at least 10 more live images by end of this year, you will need to add the balance (adding 0 more will mean 25 – 15 = 10) during Jan 1st to Jun 30th to get your Elite+ status back. You will then need to add at least 25 new live images to retain your Elite Status into the second half of the year - or 50 (60 in total in this case) more for the year.

Please remember, to make money you need live images, we are asking for at least 25 for each 6 month period of each year (50 for the whole year), that is around 4 per month or 1 per week, it’s not a lot.

What happens if I go more than one period without having 25 new images live, for each period.

If you do not have 25 live images for one period your account will be downgraded from Elite+ to Elite (40%) for the next period. If during that period you fail to get 25 live images added again, your account will be downgraded one more time to Lite (35%), at which stage you will lose your Mass Upload rights and have to revert to using Briefs.

For the purpose of calculating each Members RooM status (Elite+, Elite, Lite), all Member accounts live images for the year will be set at 0 1st January 2016 and on the same date for each year following (we are allowing carry forward from this year only FOR THOSE WITH FEWER THAN 25 LIVE IMAGES IN THEIR ACCOUNT AT END OF THIS YEAR and this will only be to help THOSE MEMBERS GET THEIR ELITE+ STATUS BACK QUICKLY IF NOT RETAINED). To retain your Elite+ status each year add 25 live images for each 6 month period – or at least 50 for any whole year.

What happens if I add 110 live images in the first 6 month period of 2015, do I keep my Elite+ status for more than one period following?

Yes you do, but at the beginning of each year from 2016 we will reset each account to 0, so in this case you would retain your Elite status for periods 1 and 2 of 2015 (the whole year) AND period 1 for 2016, as you would have added 50 for the year of 2015, so will retain your Elite status for the next 6 month period too (the first half of 2016).

You would then need to start again for 2016, have at least 25 live images per 6 month period or 50 for the year to keep your Elite+ status going forward.

If my account gets downgraded twice, so to Lite, how do I get back to Elite+?

If your account is downgraded to Elite or Lite you will get upgraded to Elite+ by adding 25 new live images for a 6 month period (or 50 for the year). You will not go from Lite to Elite, but straight back to Elite+.

Finally, what constitutes a live image?

A live image is one that has been accepted by one of our editors and is made live, so if you have an image that has been accepted by us, but there is no metadata or releases (where required) added to that image, we cannot make it live, so it is not classed as live but pending.

If you have any questions related to this please email your editor or one of our art directors who will help you.

We reserve the right to change or update any of these conditions, please check the site for any updates going forward.

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