How Exclusive do you want to be?

All RM images are non-exclusive because more often than not, you don't really need exclusivity, so why pay extra for some-thing you might not need?

However, if you're running a big campaign, we're sure you wouldn't want to see a competitor using the same image.
So, we've created Exclusivity.

Exclusivity allows you to restrict the way in which the image you're licensing can be used by others.

Different campaigns require different levels of exclusivity, witch is why we offer the following options:

Basic exclusivity

The most limited form of exclusivity. Perfect when you just want to make sure an image isn't used by a competitor of the same thing.

Example: if you use an image on the front cover of a travel brochure, you competitor will not be able to use it on the front cover of a travel brochure at the same time.

Industry exclusivity

A popular form of exclusivity that allows you to use an image in a particular industry without fear of a competitor doing the same, irrespective of actual use.
Example: if you use an image the cover of a brochure for the travel industry, your competitor will not be able to use the same image for anything (brochure, advent, poster etc)

Usage exclusivity

This form of exclusivity allows you to prevent anyone using an image in the same way tou are.
Example: if you use an image on the front cover of a brochure, no other customer can do the same but a customer from any industry (including a competitor) can use the image for an alternate use - in an advent or online for example.

Full exclusivity

The most comprehensive form of coverage which restrict anyone from using the same image. It covers all usage and all industries.
Example: if you use an image - that's it. No one else can.


if another customer is already using an image that you want to license exclusively, the original customer will always continue to have the right to use the image. It is up to you to make a decision as to whether or not it makes a difference to your campaign that someone else has a pre-existing agreement in place.

We will always notify you of any potential conflicts as part of the purchase process.