Frequently Asked Questions

RooM is a commercial platform for visionary photographers: both traditional camera shooters and mobile photographers. RooM exclusively represents all content on a Rights Managed and Royalty Free basis for stock photography use.

RooM has an unprecedented distribution deal with a multitude of global distributors, which is unparalleled. With access to 1.5 million clients, throughout 100 countries and around $1.5 billion of annual sales, we offer access to sales channels, totally unmatched by any of our rivals.

See Global Distribution for more information.

Becoming a RooM contributor means you get:

Your images distributed through global channels by industry leader Getty Images, Corbis, Veer, Alamy and others at prices pitched at the highest possible level.

Contributors receive a royalty from us of 50% as Elite+ members on all their RooM sales.

The chance to be invited to undertake Instagram Influencer Campaigns and/or Photography Commissions. Contributors get 100% of the fee paid by the client to us.

See Mobile Phone Campaigns for more information.

Free access to an unprecedented amount of current, highly relevant shoot information and valuable creative guidance, from a team of highly experienced art directors.

See Expert Guides for more information.

The chance to become part of a large online community of like-minded creative people that produce the very best content using cameras or phones.

You need to be 18 years old to sell commercial images, all our members must be 18 or over.

Creative Rights Managed images are licensed for specific clearly defined uses that can provide the customer with a level of exclusivity, if required. A Rights Managed image is licensed on a use-by-use basis and will be priced according to the nature of the use.

Customers buying a Rights Managed image do not buy the actual image; they buy a license for the rights to use the image in a specific way. The license usage typically includes things like the size the image is being used, the placement, the duration of use, the territory the image is used across and the industry it’s being used in. Customers can also request rights to use the image exclusively.

The price of an individual RM license differs from use to use. Price is dictated by the size the image is used, how prominent it is, how long it’s used for and the territory is it used in. The price goes up for larger usage sizes, greater prominence, the longer it’s used and the bigger the exposure. The price also goes up when a customer requires exclusivity. This means the price could be several thousand for more prominent advertising uses.

Creative Royalty Free images are licensed to clients for unlimited, non-specific worldwide use.

Customers buying a Royalty Free image do not buy the actual image. They buy a license for the right to use that image in any way they want to (some exceptions apply with regard to offensive or defamatory use and also reselling). Royalty Free images can be used worldwide and there is no time limit for usage.

The price of an individual RF license is dictated by the size the image sold. It is often the case that the image size is dictated by the kind of usage the client requires. As RooM RF images are exclusive, our Creative RF images can be sold at a premium price point.

No, because customers are only buying the license for usage rights and not the images themselves. You always retain the copyright to your images.

There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration when making the decision whether to offer an image as Royalty Free or Rights Managed. We use our experience of the industry and knowledge of what image buyers are looking for, to select the license model we want to use for each of your images.

When you join RooM you will need to provide us with your name, contact details and you will also be required to agree to our Content Supply Agreement and Terms of Use.

When we sell your images we will pay you a royalty from the sale. Because of this, we need you to agree to the terms of our Content Supply Agreement.

The RooM Content Supply Agreement is a legally binding document; it confirms that you have agreed to our terms and conditions as a supplier of content to RooM.

It means you agree not to sell your images yourself, or through any third party, for commercial and editorial clients. You can still use your images for personal, self-promotional use including uploading to photo-sharing sites and selling prints of your photos. When it comes to entering images into competitions, it depends on the terms and conditions of each individual competition. If you are required to give up all rights and allow unlimited use of any image, then you cannot enter an image that is on our site, but if the terms and conditions just relate to the image being used to promote the competition, then it is fine.

RooM the Agency pays monthly. We currently pay in British Pounds Sterling (£) and the minimum monthly payout is currently £25. If your earnings have not reached the minimum payment sum for the month, earnings will be carried forward to the next month and so on.

If you do not have a GB £ account we will convert to your currency of choice at the market rate at time of transfer.

We use PayPal and are currently exploring using Square and direct bank transfer as potential options.

The agreement has no fixed term, however, 90 (ninety) days notice is required to terminate the terms of your Membership agreement. We will retain the rights to sell your content for up to 1 year after termination which is dependent on where your content has been distributed and the terms of any distribution deals in place at the time relating to your content. Notice must be in writing to

We encourage our customers to include credits for the images they use but it is not compulsory and for commercial and especially advertising use, it doesn’t happen very often. Other kinds of usage such editorial articles or book covers often do include a photographers credit.

Once you have registered with RooM you can start uploading images directly from your profile page as long as you have an Elite+ or Elite account. If you have a Lite account you will have to upload through Briefs. About Briefs.