Contributor Guides

Any images that you submit to the marketplace must meet our basic technical standards regarding image resolution and image quality. These are industry standards, created to make sure images can be purchased for as many different uses as possible and to reassure clients that they can use images they select in the way they want to.

Stock Pricing

We do not sell our content at one fixed price, as we don’t believe all images are equal. You can guarantee that we will try to get the best price for each sale, rather than fixing it at say $1 or $2, as many of our rivals do.

We can control pricing in this way because we have a unique agreement with our distribution channel. This enables us to sell through the biggest marketplace in the World.

With turnover at close to $1.5 billion our Distribution Channel is the place to sell your content

We sell content globally through our distribution network in many currencies but report them to you in British Pounds Sterling (£).

Once you have uploaded the largest file you have and we have accepted it, we decide which is the best fit for the image, Rights Managed (RM) or Royalty Free (RF).

  • There is no point having an image in RM not selling, when it will sell well in RF and visa versa, so we assign according to where each image is likely to make the most money.

We have over 25 years of experience licensing and placing content, so along with our distribution channel, we hope to do an excellent job on your behalf, with each and every image.

Rights Managed (RM) Pricing

Prices are often higher than RF, but far fewer sales are made.

Rights Managed (RM) pricing is based on how the image is used. There are many variables with RM pricing: editorial v advertising; length of usage; number of territories; and much more – the wider the use of an image the more it costs the client - but some usage, such as inside textbooks, is much cheaper than others and can be quite low.

We only sell the largest file size we have on file to clients and cost is strictly controlled by what they use it for.

Royalty Free (RF) Pricing

Prices are often lower than RM, but many more sales are made.

Generally RF pricing is fixed depending on the file size that clients use. The first four sizes, as shown in the chart, are typical for mobile images. The largest three sizes are those that a good quality dSLR and some pocket cameras will stretch to.

The larger the file size the more the image sells for, so always upload the largest file size you have and if you have an image on your mobile phone that was shot using a camera, upload the largest JPEG camera version via the web NOT the smaller phone image.

We convert the largest file you send us to the other smaller file sizes once the image has been accepted, offering clients the options they require.

X Small 475x317 pixels 75dpi $25.00
Small 867x578 pixels 75dpi $50.00
Medium 1733x1155 pixels 300dpi $85.00
Large 2739x1826 pixels 300dpi $130.00
X Large 3873x2582 pixels 300dpi $165.00
XX Large 4899x3266 pixels 300dpi $195.00
XXX Large 5616x3744 pixels 300dpi $245.00
Stock Royalties

We try to charge some of the highest prices in the industry, with our partners fully supporting our aims, all agreeing to sell OUR content at prices not seen on microstock sites – our prices can be many times higher than those charged by microstock companies (our average return is at least 15 times in fact higher than microstock).

We can control pricing in this way because we only represent exclusive content, so no competitor is trying to sell the content we represent at prices lower than ours – this is unfortunately a very common practice.

We distribute content throughout the world via our distribution channel, for maximum reach and return.

Would you rather sell your content through a new agency with few sales, or through our distribution channel with its own unique deals, where turnover is approaching $1.5 billion?

There are three types of RooM contributor account, Lite, Elite & Elite+.

Each type of account has it's own corresponding Royalty rate:

Account Type Royalty Rate
Lite 35%
Elite 40%
Elite+ 50%

A 35%, 40% or 50% royalty rate means that we pay you 35%, 40% or 50% of the sum we receive from any sale, excluding taxes and transfer charges.

Very important - please note:

RooM accepts content on an exclusive basis only and has contracted all Members to accept these exclusive terms as part of our Exclusive Contributor Agreement, for which we pay royalties on the above based scale. If we discover ANY Member content available for sale on ANY other Channel that is in CLEAR contravention of the terms of our Exclusive Contributor Agreement we will be forced to terminate that Members contract, if the matter is not resolved to our satisfaction.

Any sales made after the date of discovery - the exact date we found a Members content for sale on another site, in contravention of our Exclusive Contributor Agreement – and until termination is complete OR a resolution reached, which must be to our full satisfaction, that Members royalty rate will automatically be reduced to 10%, of any amounts received by us in relation to that Members content. This relates to ALL content sales by that Member.

Stock Payments

RooM the Agency pays monthly. We currently pay in British Pounds Sterling (£) and the minimum monthly payout is currently £25. If your earnings have not reached the minimum payment sum for the month, earnings will be carried forward to the next month and so on.

If you do not have a GB£ account we will convert to your currency of choice at the market rate at time of transfer.

We use PayPal and direct bank transfer, to UK contributors only, as potential options.

We try to keep charges down to zero or a minimum, but if there is a transfer charge, because we are transferring to a currency not supported by our payment systems or for any other reason unrelated to us, we will need to pass it on to you – we will inform you of this prior to payment and always try to work out a payment method that will be beneficial to you and us.

You can find out more about payments and date of the next pay out by going to your account and the Images, Sales & Payments section.