Subscription opt in and opt out explained

Any images that you submit to the marketplace must meet our basic technical standards regarding image resolution and image quality. These are industry standards, created to make sure images can be purchased for as many different uses as possible and to reassure clients that they can use images they select in the way they want to.

What does it mean to opt out of subscription?

We currently do not offer clients subscription as an option when selling our content globally, but if we did, you would not be considered for it, if you opted out.

What is subscription?

Some microstock agencies offer clients a subscription option, where clients pay a fixed amount for a fixed number of daily downloads. This has proven to be a very successful model and is becoming more and more popular with clients. Prices are relatively low, but this can be balanced by the large number of sales subscription attracts.

Could I opt back in if I opt out?

It would be possible to opt back in, but as for now we are not offering it as an option to clients, you need not concern yourself with this.