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Profiled image and member selected 31st October 2014
Hot Brief keywords: Hot Environment

Over the past few years advertising has been big on environmental issues. Stock libraries inundated with images of green and ecological symbols. In 2014, the environment and living a green, responsible lifestyle is still a huge focus, but the approach is somewhat subtler. Green arrows and images of melting icecaps have been replaced with positive images of happy healthy families enjoying simple pleasures in life, without great cost to the planet. From growing your own vegetables, buying locally to walking holidays. The ways in which you can capture the essence of living an eco-friendly life are easy wins through concepts like: growth, responsibility, recycling, gardening, the future, health, happiness, crafts and simplicity.

Images of children’s relationships to the environment are plentiful in stock, and we will always want the very best of these, but avoid the clichés, use adults too!

Please be sure to get shots that are about people engaging in an activity and not looking to camera – we don’t want disconnected portraits.

Hot Needs:

  • Keeping it local – shopping locally, improving your local environment’s natural areas
  • All ages – people from 2-92 getting involved in a greener lifestyle
  • Families enjoying the outdoors and nature
  • Green vacations – camping, hiking, cycling, activities that don’t pollute!
  • Gardening – from growing your own food, planting a tree to window boxes and city roof gardens to making urban areas green
  • Current trends – up-cycling and repurposing
  • Farming – from small organic farms to stunning agricultural landscapes
  • Wildlife and nature – with and without people, but only positive images of healthy animals and environments.
  • Transport – the eco-friendly ways we travel like city cycling incentives
  • Don’t ignore the classics – there’s always room for some classic energy and recycling icons: wind turbines, solar panels, water buts, recycling bins...

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Please note
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