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We are always looking to collaborate with the best shooters and educators for the benefit of our community. We pulled together the very best minds in photography a while back, all experts in their own right, for a short series of articles on mobile photography – they are still relevant today.
It's a series of valuable insights that any mobile photographer should not miss out on.

Shut up and Shoot

Mobile photography inspirations by Emmy Award winner, Richard "Koci" Hernandez.

There is no better exponent of mobile photography than Richard "Koci" Hernandez: Emmy Award winning visual journalist, Assistant Professor of New Media at University College Berkeley, Instagram superstar and all round multi-media genius.

This specially produced video on mobile photography, "Shut up and Shoot", is for every mobile photographer, whatever your level. Koci entertains and enlightens in equal measure, as anyone who has seen him present will testify: not one of todays great mobile shooters has not be inspired or impassioned by Koci in full flow.

This free one hour video will keep you hooked, so get some popcorn and settle down - oh and don't forget your notepad. Enjoy, we did, more than once.

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